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The Nolan Group supply and distribute SUREFAS® fittings Australia-wide. 100% corrosion-free SUREFAS® products like PERFIX®, Q-SNAP®, CAF-316® and CAF-COMPO® are suitable for marine, automotive, industrial, commercial and residential applications.

surefas brand caf compo marine fitting press stud fitting

100% corrosion free. Matching. Reliable.

SUREFAS® manufacture fitting and tools that add value in quality, functionality and looks and have been spotted on luxury vessels including Bavaria, Chris Craft, Riva, Ferretti Yachts and Bentley.

The 100% corrosion free CAFCOMPO® is the only self-tapping composite screw stud on the market, the ideal press stud base on alumium boats. Available in white, cream, grey or black, the screw stud blends into the deck or hull color.

Smart. Elegant. Easy.

PERFIX® is a secure fastener that won’t pop loose. Born out of pure frustration over these protruding parts sticking out on deck of the boat, the one of a kind fastener is safe with no protruding parts causing damage or injuries.

Q-SNAP® is the only secure fastener with stretch function. The integrated lever helps fit any tight cover with ease. It is developed for covers and spray dodgers on boats and is perfect for all applications that require textiles to be tight and secure.

surefas brand perfix fastener boat cover
Secure, reliable performance
100% corrosion free
Easy to install
Made to match

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