Tie-dye techniques have been used in textiles for many decades. The fabric is twisted while the dye is still wet to give a unique pattern that incorporates similar colour tones. TOLI have taken this process and applied it to the Yuisome carpet tile range. The end result is a stunning, random appearance that will never be replicated twice.

The Nolan Carpet Collection has been specifically developed for commercial interiors. Inspired by some of the world’s leading designers, this comprehensive range of Pattern Carpet Tiles has evolved through decades of development and innovation.

Explore endless possibilities where the only limits are set by your imagination.


500mm x 500mm
1000gsm (yarn weight)
Commercial Flooring

Features and Benefits

  • Durable & hardwearing
  • Stain resistant
  • Design freedom
  • Anti-static
  • Environmental certification
  • Supported with a 15 year warranty

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