The Greek myth about the origins of the world, where the task of protecting the Earth from the sky was forever entrusted to the Titan Atlas. Today, just as the Greek myth, the ATLAS membranes protect us from heaven’s inclemency.

The distinctive mark of the ATLAS architectural membranes is the extra smooth surface of the fabric. The flat and even structure of the base fabrics results in a coated membrane with a fantastic sheen and a very smooth surface.

The key feature of ATLAS is the extremely homogeneous elastic behaviour in warp and weft. ATLAS membranes have less elongation difference between warp and weft and stretch in both directions in a more uniform way, without constriction to a desirable flexibility and elasticity in textile membrane.





250cm width

700gsm (Type I)
Outdoor tension structures

Features and Benefits

  •  New base fabric for more durability and sheen
  • Extremely homogeneous elastic behaviour in warp and weft
  • New lacquers for longer service life
  • Tensile strength higher by up to 16%
  • Improved UVR resistance
  • Low-wick treatment

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