Nolan Group Fit for Purpose Statement

The Nolan Group’s products are specifically designed to be used for the recommended purpose, and are guaranteed to be supplied free of defects.

‘Free of Defects’ means that the product meets its published description and technical specification, and is homogeneous in appearance after allowance for minor variance that is inherently the result of the manufacturing process.

The Nolan Group further warrants that the product has performed satisfactorily when used in its design context in the temperate climatic conditions experienced throughout Australia.

‘Satisfactorily’ means with continued but gradually diminished utility over its expected life, due to the unavoidable effects of Ultra-Violet Radiation and weathering, such as colour variation, strength loss, and dimensional change. Extreme climatic conditions, particularly high temperature and humidity, may accelerate the inevitable product degradation.

‘Expected Life’ is at least the period covered by warranty, provided the product is installed properly, and cleaned and maintained as recommended.

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