The Outdoor Connex Collection

The Outdoor Connex Collection is a modular outdoor dining structure that can create an entertaining space that’s completely protected from the elements.

The Key Features Include :

  • Complete Weather Protecton: Ziptrak® blinds ofer temperature control and complete weather protecton.
  • Modular: O n the shelf and ready for delivery.
  • Simple to Assemble: Fast and efcient assembly.
  • Compliant: DA submission not required in most circumstances.
  • Adaptable and Reusable: S tructure can be modifed to ft smaller areas.
  • Structurally Certfed: E ngineered for a number of relevant wind loadings
  • Australian Made: S upportng local industries, domestc supply chain

Product Details

Length : 6,200mm
Width : 3,200mm
Height : 3,000mm
Seating : Fits between 16-18 people
Blinds : Full enclosure achieved
through six Ziptrak® blinds (3,000mm
wide x 2,400mm drop)
Availability :
Ready for delivery
Warranty : Limited product warranty
includes 15 years for Frame and Architectural PVC
roof and 2 years for Ziptrak® blinds.

What make us the best?

Change size to fit your space

Simple installation

Ziptrak complete weather protection

Australian Made

Change the size to ft your space

Have a smaller space? No problem! Our unique design allows the structure to be cut down by both width and length without compromising its integrity.

Simple Installaton

This design simplifes levelling and alignment making installaton quicker and cheaper.

Ziptrak® Ofers Complete Weather Protecton

Ziptrak® blinds are extremely solid and built to last for years. As an Australian invented, designed and manufactured product, Ziptrak® has been engineered to be simple to operate, ofers efectve climate control as well as protecton
from the elements. The fully enclosed system, with side tension for a fat
fnish, will look great and work fawlessly for years.

Outdoor Café Blinds and Commercial Awnings

Effectively using outdoor space is critical to any venue. Being able to utilise an outdoor space rain, hail or shine is advantageous to any business model. We have exclusive partnerships with renowned brands like Ziptrak®, who have helped revolutionise the outdoor dining experience by developing leading quality commercial awnings and outdoor café blinds.

We offer a range of outdoor café blinds and commercial awnings to help with glare reduction, temperature control as well as overall comfort for your patrons.

Fabricated and Assembled in Australia

All components of the structure frame have been proudly designed and
fabricated in Australia.

Services We Offer

With over 100 years’ experience in textile solutions, we have the privilege of working with a wide variety of talented and innovative partners. Whether it be project design or execution, we can bring all the necessary elements together to create stylish and functional spaces. If you are looking for a small face lift for your venue, or to undertake a complete rebrand, we have the solutions to deliver the best outcome.

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