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Introducing Comshade Xtra®

For many years, Polyfab™ has been a trusted brand in terms of protecting Australians from the country’s harsh conditions. The Comshade range of shadecloth has been key to this success in terms of performance and protection. Together with Polyfab™, we are pleased to present the next generation in shadecloth innovation... Comshade Xtra®.

Comshade Xtra® compliments the existing ranges of extra heavy duty knitted shadecloth ranges. This new, innovative collection has been developed using the very latest knitting and yarn technology to minimise the fabric weight, whilst maximizing the extremely high physical strength and UVR protection. A winning combination for all Australian conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 99.7% UVR coverage
  • 4 metre width
  • 40m roll
  • Available in Unfolded
  • Biaxial reports available

Comshade Xtra® has an industry leading UVR coverage factor of up to 99.7 % and excellent results across all colours.

This exciting new range is now available in all Nolan Group Branches.

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