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Nolan Carpets: Create a Talking Point without Talking

The art of non-verbal communication is an important component in day-to-day business. The use of body language (kinesics), distance (proxemics) and touch (haptics) are often important components in terms of getting the right message across. Environment is another important factor to non-verbal communication. The office design is a key way to help stimulate the tone of conversation. Design features such as lighting, furniture and even flooring can help promote vibrant and productive conversation.

The DKG Financial Building located in Bendigo has utilised the Drawline Range from Nolan Carpets to help create a talking point. The graffiti pattern helps bring character to a conventional building.

Whilst creating inspiring and productive communication within the office environment is important, commercial designs should also consider areas that encourage relaxation and social engagement. A prime example of this is seen in the new layout of the Melbourne Bureau of Meteorology Training Centre. The project brief required a distinctive space where people could sit and recharge the batteries. The wide choice of bright colours available in the Nolan Carpets Katto range helped bring new life to the area.

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