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Nolan Carpets Product Profile: Katto

For the next few months we will be presenting a number of unique items from the TOLI Carpet Tile Collection. To kick things off we will be focusing on the Katto range, a versatile carpet tile collection presented by Nolan Carpets.

Katto is the Japanese term for 'cut' which is appropriate for this family of products as it offers sharp and professional design options in a cut pile finish. Katto is available in a variety of colours and finishes, which can be used to compliment or as an alternative to the standard Katto collection.

Katto Emboss

Katto Emboss is a unique product option where a pattern can be applied to the standard Katto range using heat embossing technology. The end result is a stunning finish that can be used in either combination with other Katto products or entirely by itself as a design statement.

Katto Metal

Katto also has the option of stainless steel metal inserts. Choose from a range of insert options which are unique to the industry and allows further design flair. 

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