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Nolan Carpets: Resurgence of Retro

Mason jars, high top sneakers and Polaroid pictures. All these items, once seen as dated, have made a comeback and are once again widely popular within modern pop culture. Altglan, presented by Nolan Carpets, is a testament to the current resurgence of retro. This unique carpet tile gives a distinctive velvet theme that will revitalise any commercial space.

Orvie: The Road to Style and Functionality

The old saying ‘all roads lead to Rome’ is an iconic expression that explains that activities and efforts are all directed to the one objective. This is relevant for any business as all undertakings, even the office fit-out, are completed with the intention of presenting the best impression. Nolan Carpets help you continue down this path with the Orvie carpet tile range. Inspired by the European cobblestone streets, Orive is a unique pattern that embraces history. If your interior theme is the character of handmade designs, Orvie is the perfect statement for any commercial interior.

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