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QSNAP: Safe and Secure Press Fastener with Stretch-Function

We hope you had a relaxing break and we look forward to working with you this year. To kick things off we would like to introduce the latest range of innovative marine fasteners.

Perfix: Safe and secure fastener without protruding parts

PERFIX® is an invention born out of pure frustration over protruding pins of current secure fasteners, causing uncomfortable and even dangerous situations. This particular fastener has a spring-loaded release system which includes a special grip design for easy release.

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QSNAP:  safe and secure press fastener with stretch-function

Presenting the Q-SNAP fastener, the perfect fastening system for when marine applications require a tight and secure fit. The Q-SNAP works just like a regular press-fastener but with an additional ring underneath the cloth and a gentle hook on the deck. This system incorporates a stretch-function (lever) and keeps the connection securely in place which will ensure the fastener won't pop loose.

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Both PERFIX® and Q-SNAP are the ideal supporting partners to high quality marine fabrics like Sunbrella, Riviera and Surlast. These products have been proven countless times making them the ideal option for the harsh Australian elements.

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