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Quietspace Acoustic Solutions: Sound Guidance for Mental Well-Being

Sound has been proven to sub-consciously impact general mood and mental well-being without us even realising it. Acoustic well-being is also influenced by surrounding interference. Communication is based upon the transmission, receiving and interpretation of a frequency that occurs when we speak, however interpretation is largely dependent on the surrounding environment.

The Quietspace® range provides a comprehensive and stylish selection of acoustic solutions to create a more comfortable environment. Options include; decorative wall coverings, high specification acoustic panels and workstation systems.

Quietspace® Acoustic Panel

Quietspace® Acoustic Panel is a light weight acoustic panel that delivers exceptional reverberated noise control by reducing echoing. The Acoustic Fabric absorbs up to 40% of all sounds.

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Quietspace® 3D Tiles

This latest acoustic innovation provides both style and functionality to any environment. It brings the fusion of shape and form coupled with excellent acoustic performance.

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Quietspace® Lattice

These suspended acoustic absorbing baffles are constructed from Autex Cube and bring both style and acoustic benefits to any environment. Available in three unique design options.

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