The concept of patchwork design provides a random and unique ‘one-off’ pattern. There are synergies with this style and modern companies where many departments and teams combine to reach business objectives.

Mayorica carpet tiles from TOLI was inspired to provide a flooring solution that can tell its own story in so many ways to reflect uniqueness, inspiration, collaboration, risk taking and much more. The design is made up of 40 unique tiles to provide the total effect. The tiles are randomly packed offering uniqueness to each installation. Colour code is GX2111 is a subtle yet classy greyscale design, while the bold GX2121 can be used when a positive statement needs to be made in a vibrant environment.

GX2111 v2GX2121 v2

Features & Benefits

  • Durable & hardwearing
  • Stain resistant
  • Design freedom
  • Anti-static
  • Environmental certification
  • Supported with a 15 year warranty

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 500 x 500mm
Weight: 700gsm (yarn weight)
Thickness: 7.5mm
Application: Commercial flooring

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