Achilles Rollclear (Dimensionally Stable)

The latest innovation from Achilles is a ‘Dimensionally Stable’ product. One of the biggest challenges with any clear PVC  blind products is instability. Without any reinforcing, PVC is susceptible to expansion and contraction. This issue is well known to the market but there has never been a solution until now. Achilles clear PVC blinds have developed a solution to keep the product stable providing benefits in both fabrication and function. Once again Achilles clear PVC raises the bar for performance.

Achilles Rollclear Blinds & Awnings

This test data is based in 0.75mm D.S Rollclear in a test environment. The information provided should be used as a guide only.

Achilles DS

Features & Benefits

  • UV stabilised
  • Non-stick formulation (SLS)
  • High clarity
  • Made in Japan
  • Proven field performance
  • Blocks 93% of UV Solar Raditation
  • 10% of Infra-Red radiation blocked
  • Foam core packaging
  • Supported with a 2 year UV warranty
  • No down time waiting for the fabric to relax prior to fabrication
  • Allows for the material to be run horizontally with a single join rather than multiple vertical joins
  • Provides a taught finish from day one rather than allowing for estimated expansion and contraction
  • Helps eliminate long term wrinkles
  • Provides an easy solution when used with a Ziptrak track guided blind system or with vertical zippers

Technical Specifications

Application: Marine and Outdoor Blinds

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