AS30 Motor

The AS30 Motor is designed to be used with the renowned Ziptrak® track guided blind system. The motor has the power required to operate all sizes of Ziptrak® Blinds and is reliable and backed by a 5 year replacement warranty.

The AS30 Motor comes with a choice of three remote controls – Single Channel (LED), Five Channel (LED) and 16 Channel (LCD Screen). These remotes are stylish and modern, and feature easy to use touch buttons.

The programming setup of AS30 Motors is one of the simplest procedures of any motor available, saving the installer considerable time and hassle. For information about the AS30 motor, please contact Nolans.

AS30 Help Guide

AS30 Motors Warranty 2018

Quick Guide to AS30 Programming

Technical Specifications

Rated Torque 30 Nm
Output Speed 17 RPM
Nominal Consumption 226 w
Voltage 240v
Nominal Current 0.95 Amps
Running Time (Max) 4 Mins
Protection Index IP 44
Total length 570 mm
Total number of channels 15
Maximum turns between limits Infinite




Features & Benefits

  • Easy programming of upper, lower and third (fabourite) limits from the remote control.
  • Up and Down can be reversed, allowing the ability for the motor to go on the left or right of blind.
  • Three touch remote control options, including single channel, five channel and 16 channel with LCD display.
  • Thermal overload protection system.
  • Five year replacement warranty.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: Total length: 570mm
Weight: 2.45kg

Application: Outdoor blinds

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