Beginning with the basics, the two different types of knit construction which fundamentally affect the relative shading efficiency of the various Polyfab brands, or indeed any brand of shadecloth are described and illustrated. Then the concept of shade design, with the need to accommodate the daily and seasonal movement of the sun, is noted, with the consequent risk of lack of protection highlighted.

More technical information is provided on engineering design, including the behaviour of the fabric under two dimensional loading, how to derive the Elastic Parameters from Biaxial Testing, and guidelines for fabrication and installation. Standard design details for a typical hypar and frame supported structure have been developed, and the procedure for gaining engineering certification for the use of these drawings anywhere in Australia is explained.

The specifications of the Polyfab products are compared with the requirements of AS 4174 – 2018 “Knitted and Woven Shade Fabrics”, including physical properties and the degree of UV protection. The ratings outlined in that standard and how they are integrated into the product warranties are explained. Additional technical information such as Solar heat transmission, flammability and chemical resistance of the products are also included.

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