How to Tell a Good Yarn – Textile Manufacture and Testing

The textile and flooring products mainly used in an outdoor environment are first classified by their basic construction and design function. Then the processes of production and finishing are described, including the implications on product performance of different types of yarn and yarn blends, the matrix of the weave, coating lamination and finishing. The products included are canvas, PVC coated or laminated polyesters, coated polyolefins, clear PVC, knitted shadecloth, expanded vinyl, leather, polyurethane fabrics, needle punched carpet and tufted carpet tiles.

A description of the test procedures used to assess quality attributes are described, and linked to the published specifications of the products; including the relevant Australian Fire tests and the outcomes required by the National Construction Code for Commercial Upholstery, Awnings and Outdoor Blinds, Shade and tension Structures, Flooring and Temporary Structures. A glossary of technical terms used in the textile industry is also included. Although specific to the brands sold by the Nolan Group, the information is sufficiently generic to be applicable to similar products generally used by fabricators in the Textile Conversion Industries.

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