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The Nolan Group supply and distribute Achilles clear PVC Australia-wide. Achilles is the ideal choice for a variety of commercial and residential blinds, as well as marine clear enclosures.

achilles brand rollclear blinds awning white

The Clear Innovators

Achilles products are purchased on the roll, and with the Dimensionally Stable innovation, fabricators can railroad the DS product to create longer or wider projects, ideal for large commercial blinds.

Achilles products remain flexible in cool conditions, which also makes them suitable for track-system and roll-up blinds, as well as roll-up sections of marine enclosures.

Compatible with all track-system blinds

Achilles clear PVC is ideal whenever visual clarity, aesthetic appeal, and dimensional stability are needed. Ziptrak outdoor blinds offer the Achilles Rollclear DS product exclusively in their ‘Design Your Blind’ program to guarantee a great customer experience.

We distribute Achilles RollClear, RollClear DS and RollGlass Plus from 6 convenient locations across Australia: Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

achilles brand roll glass plus clear pvc
UV Stabilised
Non stick formulation (SLS)
High Clarity
Dimensionally Stable product available
Compatible with all track-system blinds

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