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Capri is a market leading upholstery vinyl with a rich history in the Australian market. Capri is the ideal choice for a variety of marine, commercial and residential applications, indoors and out. The Nolan Group supply and distribute Capri fabrics Australia-wide.

capri brand commercial hotel outdoor upholstery vinyl coconut

A trusted Australian brand

Capri vinyl has been trusted by upholsterers for over 40 years. With unrivalled performance in outdoors and marine environments, as well as bustling hospitality and commercial settings, it’s the first choice of fabricators, designers and specifiers Australia-wide.

Capri has been manufactured to be weather resistant, provide antibacterial protection, as well as resistance to mould and mildew build up. The Permashield protective finish minimises stains and provides easier care with less maintenance.

Designed to compliment and coordinate

The broad colour palette of the Capri vinyl collection helps bring interior designers’ and upholsterers’ ideas to life. The vibrancy and performance of Capri fabrics endure, even with ongoing exposure to sun and salt, and coordinate with a number of Nolan’s fabrics, including Mariner Boat Hooding and 3Beaches woven fabrics.

The Capri range is available in standard and pebble finishes. Through careful design and technology, the pebble finish simulates the look of leather to create a new and innovative aesthetic.

capri brand marine upholstery carbon fibre vinyl tan black
Mildew Resistant
High resistance to soiling
Abrasion resistant
Excellent strength to weight ratio
Supported by the Nolan Group warranty

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