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The Nolan Group supply and distribute Carr fasteners Australia-wide. Carr Fasteners are manufacturers of industrial fittings, assemblies and tools for the marine, automotive, industrial, commercial and residential upholstery industries.

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A long history with Nolans

The Nolan Group has distributed Carr Fasteners since Carr first opened their doors in 1928 in South Australia where they are still operating today. They made fasteners for motor cars and clothing, and supplied buttons, snap fasteners and other items for the Department of Defense.

High-quality fittings

Carr fasteners continue to manufacture industrial fasteners, such as durables, self-piercing eyelets and washers in high-quality 316 stainless steel and non-ferrous metals for the automotive, marine and canvas industries.

Button, socket, base stud
Screw stud available
Dies and die holders
316 stainless steel available
Self-piercing eyelets

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