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Nolan Carpets is Australia’s leading supplier of fibre-bonded floor coverings. Proven through decades of service in indoor and outdoor commercial, marine or domestic settings, the Nolan Carpets commercial ranges are durable, hard wearing, UV stabilised, stain-resistant, fire retardant, static-neutral, anti-slip, and won’t zipper or fray.

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The benchmark for commercial flooring

Nolan Carpets is Australia’s leading supplier of heavy-duty floor coverings. Our fibre-bonded flooring solutions are made to perform in commercial and marine environments.

Designed to last in demanding indoor and outdoor settings, these carpet solutions are made with European fibre and perform without compromise. The solution dyed UV-stabilised fibres will hold their colour when exposed to sun and the elements. Durability, ease of care and maintenance, stain resistance and non-zip and fray properties are inherent.

For demanding indoor and outdoor settings

By their very nature, fibre bonded carpets are ‘bullet proof’. Nolan Carpets are hard-wearing and stain-resistant. They’re also UV stabilised, fire retardant, static-neutral, anti-slip, and cool underfoot.

It’s no surprise that applications such as fishing charters, commercial developments, industrial complexes, school classrooms, healthcare facilities, retail stores, shopping centres, garages, sporting stadiums and hospitality settings all over Australia are covered in our high-performance fibre-bonded ranges.

The contemporary colours compliment any interior design or colour scheme.

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Stain resistant
UV stabilised
Fire retardant
Market-leading warranty

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