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The Nolan Group supply and distribute SolarFix® thread Australia-wide. SolarFix® is the ideal choice for a variety of marine, automotive, industrial, commercial and residential upholstery applications.

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Lifetime of the Fabric Warranty

SolarFix® is a PTFE thread which has exceptional resistance against UV light and chemical attack. The initial strength is maintained over many years of service and SolarFix® is supported with a Lifetime of the Fabric Warranty.

SolarFix® is a high performance thread designed to be used in outdoor applications. When it comes to textile fabrication, a project is only as good as its weakest link. Time and time again materials have outlasted the thread used to sew them together until SolarFix® hit the market.

Performance and peace of mind

The SolarFix® experience starts in the workshop with exceptional sew-ability and continues for years resisting degradation when exposed to the most extreme weather conditions.

When it comes to performance and peace of mind, SolarFix is the Solution!

solarfix brand ptfe thread blue
Exceptional UVR resistance
Resistance against chemical attack
Strong for years
Will last as long as the fabric
Comprehensive warranty

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