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The Nolan Group supply and distribute Strataglass® press-polished clear vinyl products, including CrystalClear® Australia-wide. Strataglass® is the ideal choice for a variety of marine, commercial and residential enclosures. We also stock Strataglass® Protective Cleaner and Strataglass® Protective Polish by IMAR.

strataglass brand clear pvc 1mm boat flybridge k1

The clear choice of OEM boat builders worldwide

Strataglass® is the legendary and most recognized brand in a flexible coated vinyl sheet engineered with VueShield™ coating a highly engineered scratch resistant coating technology that enhances clear visibility and seals and protects Strataglass®, maintaining its optimum durability, flexibility and extending its useable life.

The unique coating offers additional UV resistance to protect the boat, passengers and furnishings from the sun’s harmful rays. Strataglass® is engineered with a proprietary anti-glare additive that enhances clarity, reduces sun glare and improves low light visibility.

Strataglass® and CrystalClear by Herculite®

Strataglass® and CrystalClear, the clear choices of OEM boat builders worldwide, are proudly manufactured by Herculite®, the industry leading manufacturer of press-polished clear vinyl enclosure products.

Popular in restaurants and resorts, CrystalClear offers superior clarity and performance quality in an uncoated vinyl sheet. The superiority of CrystalClear is immediately obvious to the eye with no hazy blueness, no fish-eye effects, no dimples and no distortions.

strataglass brand marine clear pvc riviera cruiser
Scratch resistant
Exceptional clarity
Legendary durability
Superior longevity & outstanding total cost of ownership
Easy care and maintenance

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