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While heavy duty in design, Nolan Carpets carpet tiles are available in a range of contemporary colours, textures, patterns and custom designs that add to the unique identity of new builds.

Our partners Ziptrak® manufacture the patented, trusted, Australian made track guided outdoor blinds system.

Their brand messages include enjoy the natural environment that surrounds their customers’ homes, spending time with family and friends in brand new spaces, creating a seamless integration between indoor and outdoor living.

Ziptrak® also describe their products as the intersection where engineering meets high performance. They lead their market segment through constant innovation and technological advancements in the Ziptrak® manufacturing processes.

Connection through flooring – Nolan Carpet tiles and Ziptrak® brand design

The expansive new home of our partners Ziptrak®, in Kaurna Country in South Australia, designed by + Tridente Boyce, reflects their brand messages – it’s open, inviting, bright and innovatively sleek in it’s design and engineering.

Surimi and Kachi carpet tiles were installed and create seamless integration between indoor and outdoors with textured plains and nature-like lineal patterns.

These ranges of carpet tiles are the intersection of performance and style. Whilst heavy duty in design, Surimi and Kachi are available in over 20 contemporary colours and will ensure that the Ziptrak® commercial design not only looks good, but stays that way.

Just like the materials that were introduced to reduce the bulk and scale of the building, Surimi and Kachi carpet tiles contrast with the bulk white colours and reduce sound reverberations of the high volume, glazed office spaces.

Warranty on Carpet Tiles

The carpet tile installation at Ziptrak® is supported by our 15 year warranty (in accordance with our warranty criteria) for ultimate peace of mind.

Project Detail

TYPE: Office Fitout
AREA SIZE: 500 Sqm
DESIGN STYLE: Contemporary, Modern
ARCHITECT / DESIGNER: + Tridente Boyce
CONTRACT INSTALLER: Barclay Commercial
LOCATION: Kaurna Country, Tonsley, South Australia
STATUS: Completed

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