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Specifying fit-for-purpose commercial carpet tiles

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What does ‘fit-for-purpose’ mean in terms of flooring choice?

It’s a phrase used to describe the concept that flooring goods, like carpet tiles, must be capable of being used for the intended purpose for which they were purchased. 

Installers, designers, architects and specifiers, choose carpet tiles for a number of reasons – for aesthetics, design freedom, comfort, durability, the health and wellbeing of the people on the space, acoustic treatment. There a number of fit-for-purpose considerations in any project.

For over thirty years, we have partnered with architects, interior designers, contractors, retailers and installers to deliver fit-for-purpose carpet tile solutions with maximum design appeal and deep health and environmental considerations.

Maximise aesthetic appeal with carpet tiles

The colourful and imaginative concepts that are brought to life with carpet tiles gives the client freedom to design a unique flooring solution to match their individual project. Specify custom commercial flooring solutions with our Exchrome range. Specify diverse colours, patterns and finishes by digitally printing your own bold, out-of-the-box designs and personalise a space through flooring.

Comfortable, yet durable carpet tiles

The type of synthetic or natural fibre used in the construction and pile of the carpet tile determine the comfort and feel underfoot, as well as the durability of the tiles.

A commercial extra heavy-duty textured loop pile installed in high-traffic areas, like the Shadow Block carpet tiles installed at the Bureau of Meteorology, is specifically made to last a lot longer than a soft pile residential carpet.

Add further comfort with cushion backing and prioritise the health of the people using the space

Soft Back Plus (SBP) is a cushion backing that can be applied to most ranges in the Nolan Carpet Tile collection. If the client is concerned about their environmental footprint, the soft yet resilient SBP backing is manufactured using 60% recycled content and provides two primary benefits: comfort and acoustic performance.

Research shows that companies who invest in health strategies can benefit from enhanced performance and increased financial returns. Soft Back Plus helps to reduce fatigue for people who are on their feet for lengthy periods of time.

Healthy workplaces need people-first acoustics solutions

Starting from the floor up, design more productive and profitable, yet heathier workplaces by considering acoustic treatment. In open-plan spaces, meeting rooms, breakout spaces, and rooms with lots of reflective surfaces, like polished concrete, noise disrupts productivity*. Carpet tiles and cushion backing cover reflective and percussive surfaces and help to reduce sound reverberation, sound transfer, fatigue and stress.

Work with us on your next project

At the Nolan Group, you have flooring experts who can guide you through choosing fit-for-purpose, durable products that bring your ideas to life, prioritise wellness and meet environmental considerations.

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* Autex Acoustics – Seven insights into acoustic wellness in the workplace