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Nolan Carpets Product Profile: Veniche/Mortarclay

Veniche Carpet Tile: Bringing Comfort to Aged Timber

When it comes to contemporary design, a building’s original fittings are often utilised, especially in commercial and hospitality environments. Whilst the aged timber and exposed brick styles can provide interesting options, they have limitations in terms of functionality. Veniche from the TOLI carpet collection is the ideal flooring application that compliments this contemporary styling. Veniche is inspired by distressed timber and brings the warmth and acoustic benefits of carpet.

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Mortarclay: Complimentary to Concrete

As previously mentioned, both aged structures and minimalist spaces are focal points for contemporary inspiration but have limitations in terms in of functionality. Like Veniche, Mortarclay is inspired by this particular style, only this carpet tile range embraces the aging process of concrete. Available in four unique colours, Mortarclay compliments the hard surfaces often associated with a minimalist design.

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These carpet tiles are just a snapshot of what’s available. The Nolan Carpets range provides a comprehensive selection that has evolved through decades of development and innovation. Visit the Nolan Carpets site and put your imagination to work.

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