Tensorgrip® T51

TensorGrip® T51 is a high quality, industrial grade high-tack adhesive and is suitable for all trimming applications associated with vehicle conversion and re-trimming. The airless spray delivery system creates minimal overspray and virtually no airborne misting, making Tensorgrip T51 ideal for applying in overhead, vertical and horizontal operations.

TensorGrip® T51 provides excellent results in combination with fabrics, leathers, carpeting, linoleum, HPL, foam, GRP, plastics and many other typical vehicle interior finishes. This general purpose upholstery adhesive has good grab and green strength and cured bonds have good temperature resistance to over 106°C, ideal for most normal environments.


Viscosity: 350 cps 25°C sp#2, 30r.p.m.

Total Solids: 28% – 30%

System Flammability: Non-flammable adhesive in flammable propellant

Shear: > 250 p.s.i

Tensile (180° Peel): > 25 p.s.i.

90° Peel ( > 25 p.s.i.

Shear adhesion failure temp: (25mm/100gram) 115°C

Open time: 5-10 minutes

Shelf Life: 9 months from date of manufacture


Colour Disclaimer

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Features & Benefits

  • Fast, high tack
  • Excellent room temperature contact bonds
  • Excellent green strength and high heat resistance
  • Fast drying with good open time
  • Excellent bond adhesion for fabrics, leather, carpet, foam, etc. to metal, hard plastic, plywood, etc.
  • Portable and convenient
  • Airless spray

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: Sizes: 500ml Aerosol Can, 22 litre Canister

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