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The Nolan Group supply and distribute ATLAS architectural membranes Australia-wide. Available from Type 1 to Type 5, these advanced membranes are ideal for sports stadiums, school structures, hospitality venues, building facades, and more.

atlas brand architectural fabric structure white

Brighter. Stronger. For Longer.

The ATLAS membranes impress with their unique properties. The distinctive mark of the ATLAS membranes is the extra smooth, high sheen surface of the fabric, which is whiter and stronger than conventional fabrics.

Thanks to the higher yarn density of the base cloth and the thicker PVC coating with titanium dioxide, these fabrics have a higher tensile strength and a particularly long service life, supported by 15 and 20-year warranties.

Extremely homogeneous elastic behaviour – in warp and weft

This material has fantastic elastic qualities when it comes to warp and weft (length and width), which results in a uniform stretch with minimum elongation.

ATLAS architectural fabrics offer better elastic performance than other cloth fabrics, which makes them ideal for large-scale, boundary-pushing outdoor tension structures.

atlas brand architectural fabric white peaks
New base fabric for more durability and sheen

Extremely homogeneous elastic behaviour in warp and weft

New lacquers for longer service life


Tensile strength higher by up to 16%

Low-wick treatment

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