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ATLAS architectural fabrics are ideal for sports stadiums, school structures, hospitality venues, building facades, and more. Available from Type 1 to Type 5, these advanced membranes are well-supported by 15 and 20-year warranties. ATLAS architectural membranes are whiter than conventional fabrics, and they feature an elegant even surface for enhanced aesthetics and light transmission. This material has fantastic elastic qualities when it comes to warp and weft (length and width), which results in a uniform stretch with minimum elongation. ATLAS architectural fabrics offer higher tensile strength and better elastic performance than other cloth fabrics, which makes them ideal for large-scale applications. ATLAS architectural membranes also feature a higher yarn density and thicker PVC coating than comparative products, which results in an extremely strong membrane with a very long service life. This material is perfect for overhead shade structures and demanding outdoor installations. Type III: 1200gsm Type IV: 1350gsm Type V: 1550gsm. This is an indent item. Roll length and width details on application.
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Features and Benefits
  • New base fabric for more durability and sheen
  • Extremely homogeneous elastic behaviour in warp and weft
  • New lacquers for longer service life
  • Tensile strength higher by up to 16%
  • Improved UVR resistance
  • Low-wick treatment
Outdoor tension structures
Technical Specifications
  • Material: Pes low-wick
Technical Guides

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