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This material has fantastic elastic qualities when it comes to warp and weft (length and width), which results in a uniform stretch with minimal elongation. ATLAS architectural fabrics offer a brighter white finish, higher tensile strength and better elastic performance than other cloth fabrics, which makes them ideal for large-scale applications, including sports stadiums, school structures, hospitality venues and building facades. ATLAS architectural membranes also feature a higher yarn density and thicker PVC coating than comparative products, which results in an extremely strong membrane with a very long service life. This material is perfect for overhead shade structures and demanding outdoor installations. Available from Type 1 to Type 5, these advanced membranes are well-supported by 15 and 20-year warranties.
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Features and Benefits
  • New base fabric for more durability and sheen
  • Extremely homogeneous elastic behaviour in warp and weft
  • New lacquers for longer service life
  • Tensile strength higher by up to 16%
  • Improved UVR resistance
  • Low-wick treatment
Outdoor tension structures
Technical Specifications
  • Material: Pes low-wick
  • Width: 250 cm
  • Roll Length: 100 M
  • Weight: 900 GSM
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Atlas Type II - A1530.2

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Atlas Type II - AS15.30.3

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Atlas 20-Year Warranty

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Atlas Type II - Biaxial Report 2024

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Atlas lightweight membrane structures portfolio 2023

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Atlas architectural fabrics brochure

Atlas architectural fabrics brochure

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