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Introducing Nolan’s New Carpet Collection

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We are proud to introduce the new 2022 Nolan Carpets and Carpet Tile collection. The range has been enhanced with many new designs catering for the dynamic design briefs in todays market.

The new designs are inspired and can provide elegance, representations of nature, artefacts, fabric, traditional Japanese traditions and practicality.

In addition to the new ranges, our 2022 collection continues to include some of our most popular and proven ranges.

Nolan Carpets - Carpet Tiles Grandflow
Nolan Carpets – Carpet Tiles Grandflow

New Grand Flow

Inspired by the art of marbling, Grand Flow is a dynamic pattern that makes a statement from the moment you see it. With the tiles being 1m x 1m, a sense of grandeur and spaciousness is created for any environment.

Nolan Carpets – Waffle Knit Carpet Tile

New Waffle Knit

Fabrics are a part of everyday life and TOLI have brought this to the floor. Drawing inspiration from knitted fabrics and the textures and pops of colour that can be created, Waffle Knit creates “warmth” for any environment and is an ideal range to compliment vinyl plank tiles.

Nolan Carpets – Link Space Carpet Tile

New Link Space

Link Space uses a combination of graduating designs to shape and define spaces without physical features being required. Combining the design element with modern and natural tones, Link Space is the solution to create dynamic and fluid environments.

Nolan Carpets Brochure cover image

Carpet Tile Collection Catalogue 2022

Nolan Carpets are proud to be the exclusive Australian partner of TOLI
Corporation. Our partnership is based on common values including longevity, quality and innovation.

Stocked & Ready to Ship

Nolan Carpets understand that time is of the essence for some projects and we carry stock ranges in Australia for timely supply from your local branch or our Melbourne hub.

Currently, our ‘stocked’ program offers 7 contemporary ranges and over 30 colours, styles and textures to choose from. The program includes popular commercial colour ways, designs and a combination of planks and 500mm x 500mm tiles.

All stock ranges guarantee quality and enhanced care and maintenance due to TOLI’s Stain Release product attribute.

Happy to Help

For over a decade, specifiers, architects, designers, retailers and installers have sought our expertise in supplying differentiated flooring for their projects. Our experienced team of carpet specialists are always happy to help and available for consultations.

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