Introducing modular dining structures: The award-winning Outdoor Connex Collection

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Bad weather is bad for business. Don’t be held back. An Outdoor Connex dining structure can help you thrive this winter.

Outdoor Connex dining structure on a street

Your on-street dining, deck, patio, club and event spaces can be filled and profitable year-round.

We have stock ready for delivery so you can quickly and conveniently turn your exposed dining and entertainment areas into dry, protected and desirable dining experiences and event spaces this season.

Outdoor Connex dining structure on a deck

4 ways an outdoor dining structure can help your business thrive in any weather

Outdoor dining structures have helped numerous Australian restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs and vineyards remain open and offer outdoor experiences in all seasons. The overhead shade, wind blocking sides and rattle-free Ziptrak® track-system blinds offer 100% weather protection.

Your business can thrive and experience the benefits of an outdoor structure in all seasons by installing an Outdoor Connex structure.

In most instances, the structurally certified Outdoor Connex range does not require a DA submission (circumstances may vary), making installation achievable this season.

Outdoor Connex dining structure with Vistaweave mesh black blinds
1. Create comfort for your customers

Unpredictable weather and temperatures that are too too cold can often turn customers away during winter. With the freedom to lower the Ziptrak® blinds in seconds, you can instantly create a comfortable space outdoors allowing customers to continue dining.

2. Make the most of the space you rent

By installing an Outdoor Connex structure paired with clear Ziptrak® blinds, you can consistently offer 14-16 seats outdoors in winter. Instead of moving customers indoors or closing off the exposed space in poor weather, you can guarantee the use of the space your rent, year-round.

Eating districts are introducing outdoor structures because of the demand for a casual outdoor dining experience that’s protected from the elements. Outdoor Connex structures create a unique point of difference and provide visual proof of the popularity of a venue, which can create a new, local social trend.

4. Impress customers with a desirable look and experience

You know the saying, ‘we eat with our eyes’? We also choose where we dine and socialise based on what pleases the eye… and the ears. At a glance, customers see a modern frame that is strong and stable and when dining in wind, the Ziptrak blinds grip tight to the vertical tracks and won’t rattle or interrupt conversations.

Outdoor Connex dining structure with cafe barriers

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