Paving The Way for a Greener Future: NEW Sustive Back Lattice Valley and Shine Rhombus Carpet Tiles

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As the architecture and interior design industries continue to improve not only building and space design, but the environmental legacy they leave behind, sustainability and durability are unshakeable pillars of textile design and manufacturing.

From incorporating sustainability principles in product design and development, to sourcing of environmentally preferable materials and into the manufacturing processes of our supply partners, at the Nolan Group we’re dedicated to reducing our ecological footprint.

NEW Carpet tiles made with 43% recycled material

We are adding two very exciting ranges to our carpet tile collection – TOLI’s Shine Rhombus and Lattice Valley – featuring TOLI’s unique SUSTIVE BACKING made with 43% recycled chips from used carpet tiles.

TOLI consider the circularity of their products and are actively pushing manufacturing boundaries on their path to zero emissions at their carpet tile product plant – promoting a more sustainable future for our planet.

What is Sustive Back?

Sustive Back is the exclusive name for TOLI’s environmentally -friendly carpet tile backing that includes recycled chips from used carpet tiles.

The recycling of carpet tile waste material and adaptive re-use in the new backing will reduce the demand for new resources, produce less waste in manufacturing and contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions by 9,000 tons each year.

With the Eco Mark, the Sustive Backing has been recognised as useful for environmental preservation because of its low environmental impact throughout its life cycle.

NEW Lattice Valley carpet tiles with SUSTIVE back

Lattice Valley carpet is inspired by the rustic beauty of natural weathering and gentle colour shading. This tile pattern captures the essence of nature’s artistry, evoking a sense of time-worn charm and elegance. 

Rhino GA36501

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Rhino GA36501

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Lead GA36503

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Tuscan Tan GA36505

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New SUSTIVE BACK Shine Rhombus carpet tiles

Drawing inspiration from the image of translucent ice gently spreading across a serene lake surface, Shine Rhombus carpet tiles encapsulate this natural wonder. Crossed diagonal lines create a captivating visual effect that imbues the flooring with a profound sense of depth and movement.

Two of the tiles in the Shine Rhombus range – GA3674 and GA3678 – are available in our Acoustic Soft Back Plus Option.

Pewter Grey GA3671

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For more information and sampling of the Lattice Valley and Shine Rhombus collections, contact your nearest Nolan Carpets specialist today:

◼️ SA/ NT/ WA: Catherine Kent [email protected] 0448 274 696

◼️ VIC/NSW: John Cuthbert [email protected] 0403 136 320

◼️ QLD: Pas Daskalakis [email protected] 0499 993 856

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