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CAF COMPO is the only 100% corrosion-free, self-tapping composite screw-stud for use in fibreglass, wood and other composites. The UV stabilised stud is the lower part of a snap or ring-spring press fastener system. It will fit any regular ring-spring socket, no matter the material or supplier and will match any colour. CAF-COMPO fittings come in 3 standard colours (white, light grey, black) or any custom colour on request. To install, drill a pilot hole (5.5 mm), countersink and tap this screw-stud straight in using the firm grip of a torx 30 bit in your electric drill. A metric thread-version solves the corrosion issue on any aluminum surface.
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Features and Benefits
  • Self-tapping composite screw stud
  • 100% corrosion free
  • For use in fibreglass, wood and other composites
  • Stud fits any ring-spring socket
  • Tested to hold 500N shear force
Marine, automotive, industrial, commercial, residential upholstery
Technical Specifications
  • Colours: white, light grey, black
  • Custom colours on request
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Marine One-Stop-Shop Poster

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CAF-COMPO® Brochure

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CAF-COMPO® Fitting Compatibility Brochure

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CAF® 316 Brochure

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