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Cascade™ hanging screens are suspended from the ceiling to create subtle acoustic features. The screens can be used to create separate spaces whilst maintaining an open feel. The Cascade family consists of three styles—static, folding, and expanding.
Features and Benefits
  • Floor to ceiling privacy
  • Design/customisation flexibility
  • Non-permanent fixture
  • Flexible fixing methods
  • Subtle acoustic solution
  • Carbon neutral
  • Made locally
Open plan offices, meeting/vc rooms, hotel lobbies and foyers, restaurant and bars, exhibition spaces
Technical Specifications
  • Material: Polyester
  • Form: Screen
  • Sabin: Static screens 1.7 metric sabins per unit | Folding and expanding screens 2.25 metric sabins per unit
  • Fire rating: AS5637.1, AS ISO9705-2003. Group 1, (SMOGRArc): <100m2/s2.
  • Size: 1200 mm x 2400 mm - Expanding Screens increase by 100% when fully expanded
  • Thickness: 12 mm
  • Application: Wall | Screen
  • Install method: Direct fix, suspended, combination

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Autex Acoustics Edging Solutions

PDF | 298.72 KB

Cascade™ data sheet

Autex Acoustics Cascade Data Sheet

PDF | 215.34 KB

Cascade™ install instructions

Cascade™ install instructions

PDF | 802.15 KB

Autex Acoustics® Acoustic Colours Guide 2022

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Cascade™ manufacturers guarantee

Cascade™ manufacturers guarantee

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Cascade™ lookbook

Cascade™ lookbook

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