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We are celebrating 40+ years of partnering with Autex Acoustics®. The Nolan Group supply and distribute high-quality acoustic solutions Australia-wide. Create, cut, mould, print, press, groove and install high-performance acoustic walls, ceilings and desk screens with Autex Acoustics®.

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For creators and innovators

Proudly carbon neutral in everything they do, Autex Acoustics® understand your pursuit of brave, outside-of-the-box ideas that are sustainable and ethical, but still push the boundaries of design.

Revolutionise the way acoustic treatments are applied within interior spaces and create something extraordinary with Autex Acoustics®. Bring personality, depth, nuance and texture to interior spaces and achieve your unique creative vision with the Autex Acoustics® customisation tools.


Autex Acoustics® manage an ethical and sustainable global supply chain, creating a better world for the generations to come. Their products offer leading sustainability qualities and are the best choice for green, sustainable buildings and developments.

For decades, sustainability has been a part of who Autex Acoustics® are. They have reduced carbon emissions from business and products to ZERO – the first in the interior acoustics industry to achieve this.

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Carbon neutral and sustainable
Reduce and control reverberation and echo
Walls, ceilings and screens
For where you live, work and learn

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