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PERFIX is an invention born out of pure frustration over protruding fittings sticking out on boat decks. PERFIX is designed for fixing covers on boats, but nowadays found in all kinds of applications where safety or comfort is an issue. This particular fastener has a spring-loaded release system which includes a special grip design for easy release. The smooth, round fixing points help prevent injury, cloth damage or snagged ropes and cords. Available in both button and screw options, PERFIX offers unique and innovative solutions that will ensure you and your customers get the most out their applications.
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Features and Benefits
  • Secure
  • Push to fix, pull to release
  • Time-saving installation tools available
  • Safe. No protruding parts causing damge or injuries
  • 100% corrosion free
Marine, automotive, industrial, commercial, residential upholstery
Technical Specifications
  • Colour: white
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