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Q-SNAP is the only secure fastener with stretch function. It is developed for boat covers and spray dodgers and is perfect for all applications that require textiles to be tight and secure. Upholsterers and fabricators using Q-SNAP can make a solid and tight cover that protects precious property or beloved ones properly. It won't pop loose. Not even at 500N, no matter the angle between the fixed surface and the Cover. Above all, it is the only secured fastener without moving parts, making it very durable and robust.
Features and Benefits
  • Easy installation of tight covers
  • Holds until 3 layers of fabric tear apart
  • Domes available in black, grey, silver, white, beige, burgundy, blue
  • Time-saving installation tools available
  • 100% corrosion free
Marine, automotive, industrial, commercial, residential upholstery
Technical Specifications
Technical Guides

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