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Not all outdoor blinds are created equal and operating some can be a cumbersome and time-consuming task. However, with the Ziptrak track guided blind system, the hard work is done for you. The ingenious design allows you to simply raise or lower the blind to the position you want, and leave it there thanks to the unique spline tape that runs inside an aluminium track, sealing the sides of the blind and evenly spreading the wind load. Ziptrak is an Australian-made outdoor blind system that is the leading solution for protecting outdoor living spaces in Australia and is available in colourbond colours to compliment contemporary building exteriors.
Features and Benefits
  • Leave blinds at any height
  • Up to 6m wide and 3.5m high blinds
  • Handles strong and gusty winds with ease
  • The choice of manual or motorised operation
  • No ropes, zips or pulleys
Commercial and residential track guided blind system
Technical Specifications
Technical Guides

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Technical Guide Three, What Blind Freddy Knew: Awning and Outdoor Blind Fabrics

PDF | 6.24 MB

Ziptrak® outdoor blinds brochure

Ziptrak outdoor blinds brochure

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Fabricator Catalogue - 2019

Nolan's complete range Fabricator Catalogue

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