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Here at the Nolan Group, we believe that one of the best ways to protect people and our planet is to be future-ready in our product design and application. 

Our products of the week provide durable, long-lasting and energy-efficient solutions to meet the evolving needs and challenges of people today. 

Dickson Luxury Blinds

When shade and external blinds are treated as an integral part of the design process, you incorporate sustainable and energy-saving features into commercial buildings and homes, reducing reliance on heating and cooling.

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Vistaweave 95

The best external blind fabrics have a key role to play in improving thermal efficiency. Vistaweave mesh serves as a formidable barrier against UV and heat penetration within homes and businesses while promoting healthy air flow.

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This market-leading track-guided system is a long-term energy-saving solution for homes and businesses – promoting climate control without using air conditioning or heating.

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Achilles Dimensionally Stable Clear PVC

The ability to enclose a space with Achilles DS blinds, aligns perfectly with future-ready, environmentally conscious designs and practices. As seen in the award-winning Yarram Pool design, the blinds have served to reduce maintenance efforts and expenses.
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Polyfab Shade Cloth

Shade structures not only help to create multi-use spaces but also promote the development of sustainable landscapes. Shade supports water conservation efforts as shaded spaces require less water for irrigation due to reduced evaporation rates. 
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