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Leading the industry with innovative systems for cleaning efficiencies and for higher quality cleaning service standards, Cleaning Edge Solutions in Springvale, Victoria chose TOLI’s Moroca Line carpet plank from Nolan Carpets. The anti-bacterial properties, water repellency and stain resistance of the carpet planks aligned strongly with their brand and practices.

The unique stain release feature of all Nolan Carpets tiles and planks prevent water and oils from penetrating the surface of the tile, allowing for quick and easy stain release.

The modular carpet planks, like any carpet tile, also allow for quick and affordable replacement if damaged.

Bohemian, eclectic, but professional and not overstated – inspired by Moroccan fabric prints, the Moroca Line carpet planks create a modern twist on the artistic symbols, designs and motifs that were traditionally created in Moroccan textiles.

For more information about the Moroca Line Carpet Plank and to order sampling, click here.

Did you know Nolan Carpets is on Archify?

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