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You’ve seen the news – our gas and electricity prices are predicted to hit uncomfortable highs in 2023.

You may have received a big bill yourself or had customers mention the battle to keep the house cool or warm and keep their bills down.

External blinds significantly help reduce costs associated with cooling and heating homes. Unprotected windows have a cost:

Energy-saving materials for outdoor blinds

With this in mind, it’s the perfect opportunity for us to help you – blinds and awnings retailers and manufacturers – help your customers by identifying and selling the best energy-saving materials for external blinds.

These fabrics lock in cool and keep bills down!

After all, it’s a lot more enjoyable putting money towards holidays, eating out, mountain bikes, golf clubs, surf boards and new blinds, than power bills.

Keep the heat out, lock the cool in this summer with Vistaweave and Brella

To maximise energy efficiency through installing external blinds, Brella canvas and Vistaweave mesh are the products to recommend:

The energy conscious table above shows that installing Brella and/ or Vistaweave external blinds will improve energy efficiency – create cooler indoor temperatures in summer, warmer indoor temperatures in winter.

The ideal blinds & awnings for canvas and mesh

The ideal blinds for Brella Canvas and Vistaweave are:

These handy tables and tips will help you and your customers save on the cost of living in 2023.

Article written by:

David Everingham, Blinds & Awnings Internal Sales Manager

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