Awning fabrics that improve and protect home aesthetics, interior comfort and the planet: Dickson launches innovative 23/24 range!

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Customers motivate businesses to change – through colours, improved specifications, new consumer needs, environmental commitments – and it’s exciting when they do!

Dickson is one such company that is in a constant state of innovation in order to offer sun shades that combine aesthetics, technicality, durability and ease of maintenance, while meeting customers’ increasingly strong commitment to the environment.

With the recent release of 23/24 awning fabrics range, you can explore 30 new colours, in an extensive range of 80 fabrics.

The stunning images of Dickson awnings featured in this article were provided by our friends at Shade Industries.

Dickson fabrics are both an economical and ecological investment

External blinds contribute to reducing energy consumption and improve the visual and thermal comfort inside homes. With their technical and durable design, Dickson fabrics are resistant to water, discolouration caused by UV exposure, as well as mould. They not only contribute to improving quality of life, but also enhance exterior façades thanks to their elegant and modern colours and designs.

Protecting people and the planet: a long-lasting approach to sustainability

From the choice of its materials, the second life of its products, and the different production stages of its solar shades, Dickson actively take steps to minimise their impact on people and the planet.

Dickson Constant is an ISO-certified company and its environmentally responsible products have been awarded the OEKO-TEX label. Dickson fabrics, which carry the OEKO-TEX label (class II, products in direct contact with the skin), are made without dangerous substances and are safe for your health, your skin and the environment.

Mainly woven from acrylic or solution-dyed polyester, Dickson awning fabrics are designed to withstand fading, while avoiding the highly polluting process of yarn dyeing.

The long-lasting fabrics are supported by a 10 year warranty and require less frequent replacement that alternative products on the market – reducing textile waste and saving consumers time and money.

Dickson fabrics from the Nolan Group

The four Dickson products supplied and distributed by us here at the Nolan Group have all of these characteristics, while offering many other benefits in their own right:

Orchestra, a leading product in terms of solar fabrics, is the widest range available and boasts numerous plain colours and stripes.

Infinity, featuring exclusive technology developed by Dickson, is the wide-width premium solution for all your sun protection systems.

Max, designed to withstand all weather conditions, is the waterproof fabric suitable for installations exposed to climatic variations and pollution.

Spark, designed to meet the most demanding safety standards, is the fireproof awning fabric for public buildings. Spark is available by indent orders only.

Dickson Awnings Rooftop Queensland Sunshine Coast Shade Industries

30 new Dickson colours

For more information or sampling contact your nearest Nolan Blinds and Awnings specialist today:

Dickson 23/24 awning fabrics colours

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