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Why do some boat covers hold their shape better than others? Why can you rely on some marine acrylics to to last longer? Both answers boil down to fibre strength and dimensional stability.

Boat owners want boat covers that hold their shape, stand up to the elements and last for years longer than their last cover. Similarly, marine fabricators desire the same reliability because longevity and enduring aesthetics do wonders for a business’ brand.

We’ve just released 152cm and 200cm wide Sunbrella High Tenacity (HT) marine acrylic canvas that offers enduring aesthetics and superior dimensional stability.

Both boat owners and marine trimmers benefit from the advantages of Sunbrella HT

Tenacity is a measure of fibre strength. Made in France with high tenacity yarn, Sunbrella HT offers significantly lower percentages in elongation and sag, which guarantees boat covers will keep their shape for longer.

Offer Sunbrella HT to the client who wants it all – to replace their covers less frequently, enjoy easy care and maintenance, experience the benefits of waterproof undercoating (Sunbrella HT Plus) and, importantly, have a cover that holds its initial shape for longer than their previous cover or the covers on their neighbours’ boats.

With less frequent replacements, your clients enjoy covers that cost less per year of ownership. You also experience similar rewards in referrals and word-of-mouth business being known for long lasting boat covers.

Sunbrella HT Plus is your best ally against the elements

Rain, salt, damp, wind and sun put boats to the test. With this in mind, Sunbrella design innovative, protective, resilient textiles and work hard to meet the latest environmental standards.

Sunbrella HT Plus is designed specifically for use in extreme weather and meets the highest quality standards. From biminis to rear enclosures and dodgers, Sunbrella HT can be adapted to any boat or crew protection solution.

The HT Plus polyurethane coating guarantees optimised resistance, even in extreme weather. Covers stay dry in rain and in high temperatures that create damp or humid conditions. On top of that, residues do not adhere to the coating, reducing mould and making it easier for boat owners to keep their boat covers clean.

During the cooler months, the PU coating stays flexible at low temperatures, making the fabric easier to roll while preventing microtears that would typically reduce water resistance.

The fabric remains in good condition for longer, boat owners have a great experience on-board and your business thrives with an impressive portfolio.

12 Colours Available

The collection includes 6 colours specifically designed for 200cm width (Standard and Plus) and 6 for 152cm width (Plus only) fabrics – giving you a wide range of colourfast options to match any style of boat.

A note on colours

Previously our Sunbrella Acrylic was made in the US. Sunbrella HT is manufactured in France, resulting in variations in colour between the two manufacturing plants.

We know you are always striving for the best result for your clients, so we recommend that fabricators should avoid combining US and French stock in the one project. Using the HT exclusively in one project will ensure colour uniformity.

We develop and distribute products that benefit you

We consider width, roll length, handle, sun protection, water resistance, longevity, warranty and reliability in the Australian conditions.

Sunbrella HT has been developed in the most popular widths for marine applications. It is available in 200cm width in Standard and Plus, as well as 152cm width in the Plus formulation only.

Sunbrella Plus is also heat sealable and high frequency weldable as an alternative to leak-prone seams.

Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, Sunbrella HT also offers superior sun protection.

For more information on sampling and pricing, email [email protected] or call 1300 35 75 85

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