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Responding to interior colour trends and forecasts: Cordova Ultra 2 vinyl is here!

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2024 colour trends create spaces that nurture, calm and build positivity. The new forecast features warm neutrals like our Cordova Ultra 2 vinyl in Warm Stone, Cino and Coffee Bean, yellow inference like Mustard, clay hues and red-browns like our Terracotta colour, calming greens like Forest Green and myriad shades of blue.*

Manufactured in a state-of-art facility, using cutting edge technology, the modern colour palette aligns with current trends and allows interior designers and fabricators to pair the fabric easily for maximum consumer appeal. The vibrant colours and performance of Cordova Ultra 2 vinyl endure, even with ongoing exposure to the sun, salt and nature’s elements.

Cordova Ultra 2 meets rigorous healthcare testing standards

Through careful design and manufacturing, Cordova Ultra 2 exceeds the rigorous testing standards required for furniture used in healthcare industry. With it’s market-leading anti-graffiti lacquer and robust fungicide, the vinyl will offers protection against odours, stains and bacterial growths. The coating is engineered to withstand harsh chemical cleaners, ensuring it feels soft and delicate for private or high-end facilities.

The innovative second formulation of Cordova Ultra vinyl is the ideal choice for use in health care, aged care, hospitality and education facilities where cleanliness, infection control and performance are paramount.

Suitable for marine, outdoor, commercial and residential applications

Available in 137cm width from us here at the Nolan Group, the 650gsm vinyl can be used in a variety of marine, outdoor and high-traffic commercial and residential areas.

The impressive abrasion resistant qualities, UV stability and fire retardance exceed heavy-duty commercial requirements for Australian Standards.

Contact Us

Sampling for the new range will be available in November 2023. For more information, visit the Cordova Ultra 2 product page, or contact a Nolan Group specialist:

For commercial and residential enquiries, email [email protected]

For marine enquiries, email [email protected]

*Source: Dulux Colour Forecast 2024

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