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Create something extraordinary with Print. Print is the definition of the word "custom" and has been created for complete design freedom. Print customised colours, intricate patterns or contemporary graphic designs to create acoustic art pieces. The detailed images are dry to the touch as soon as they're printed, ensuring short lead times, and crisp colours and lines. The UV-cured ink has 170% flexibility, so it won't crack or distort if the panel is folded into 3D shapes. Achieve a high-end finish without the cost, weight and rigidity of materials such as timber, tile and marble.
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Features and Benefits
  • Safe, water-based, UV cured ink
  • Low VOC
  • No minimum order quantities and short lead times
  • Available across a range of high-performance acoustic treatments
  • Crisp colours and lines
  • A medium for creative expression
Commercial, office space, education, hospitality, theaters and auditoriums, recording studios and radio, retail
Technical Specifications
  • Material: Polyester
  • Bespoke colour, texture, pattern and graphic finishes

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Autex Acoustics® Acoustic Colours Guide 2022

PDF | 1.7 MB

Print lookbook

Print lookbook

PDF | 5.87 MB